How Do I Make an Impact Financially?

Your Dollars at Work
  • $20 = one window washing kit
  • $50 = yard tool kits for a small team of volunteers to rake, weed, garden
  • $100 = cost to background check four new volunteers
  • $500 = activity supplies to assemble “Kindness Kits” for 20 members
  • $5,000 = supplies for one Service Saturday event, impacting 100 homes
  • $50,000 = start-up investment for expansion into a new neighborhood

We offer an affordable solution for older adults, empowering them to age where they want to be - in their own homes.  Average Annual Cost Savings per Household: $12,700 A Little Help enables older adults to live safely and connectedly in their homes, helping to avoid or delay the personal and governmental cost burden of assisted living (>$50,000/year) and nursing home facilities (>$90,000/year ).