How We Help

Unlock the Power of Community with A Little Help!

At A Little Help, we believe in the strength of intergenerational connections to support and uplift our older adults. Our non-profit relies on the goodwill and dedication of neighbors of all ages who generously give their time and passion to connect and assist older adults in their community.

Our volunteers embody the spirit of giving 'a little help' by lending a hand with tasks around the home and yard, or simply brightening someone's day with a friendly social call or visit. But it doesn't end there – the beauty of our connection lies in its reciprocity. As our older neighbors share their invaluable mentorship and wisdom, they enrich the lives of younger members of A Little Help.

Discover the Rewards of Being Part of A Little Help

Joining A Little Help opens doors to a world of meaningful connections and support for older adults. By linking them with volunteers from various generations, we empower them to age gracefully and maintain independence in the comfort of their own homes. This enhances their quality of life and helps stave off the need for costly moves to external facilities. Click here to explore the benefits of joining A Little Help and how it can lead to savings for you.

Ready to Make a Difference? Volunteer Today!

Are you eager to make a difference in the lives of older adults in your community? Click here to embark on a fulfilling journey as a volunteer with A Little Help.

Seeking Support? Apply for Membership Today!

Are you an older adult in need of assistance or companionship? Click here to apply for membership and gain access to the support network provided by A Little Help.

Beyond Our Reach? Connect with AgeWise Colorado!

For requests that may exceed our volunteers' capacity, we ensure our older adults are connected to additional resources like AgeWise Colorado. AgeWise Colorado offers a wealth of vetted resources, information, and educational opportunities designed to support aging individuals and their families in Colorado. Explore their upcoming webinars and access recorded sessions to tap into valuable insights and guidance. Visit AgeWise Colorado at and discover how they can help you navigate the journey of aging wisely.

A Little Help Volunteers Offer our Older Adult Members the Following

Yard Work
A Little Help enables older adults to continue taking pride in their homes and yards.  Many chores become difficult with age, illness, or injury and volunteers are there to offer help with yard work, organizing, light cleaning, and handy help tasks. 
Technology Help
Through our partnership with DOROT we are able to offer another level of technology help to our older adult members who are late tech adopters.  Volunteers who are interested in providing a deeper level of technology help to our members are trained and provided technology guides from Dorot.
Mobility and access are vital for older adults to maintain good health and a high quality of life. A Little Help coordinates round-trip rides with volunteering neighbors to get older adults where they need to go.
A Little Help volunteers are able to go to the post office, pharmacy, or grocery store on behalf of an A Little Help member.
Friendly Visits and Calls
Care calls and friendly visits are important points of connection. Our volunteers help their neighbors to engage in meaningful conversations by phone and through in-person social interaction.
Snow Removal
We connect neighbors for the shoveling season to support our older adults to keep their walkways safe through our SnowMatch program.