Our Partners

Our Vivo Partnership

A Little Help is very excited to partner with Vivo to get both our older adult members and volunteers involved in amazing virtual, live, interactive strength-training programs for people 55+ that you can join from the comfort of your own home. The classes, limited to eight participants to ensure personalized attention, are led by certified trainers with expertise working with people 55+.

Vivo measures each member’s physical function every two months so you’ll know the impact it’s having. After only two months of participating in Vivo classes, members experience increases of up to 22 percent in upper body strength, 27 percent in lower body strength, and 25 percent in endurance.

Vivo is offering a special promotion, exclusively for A Little Help members. When you sign up for Vivo, you'll receive your first two months 50%. Bookmark this page so you receive a special A Little Help discount https://teamvivo.com/alittlehelp/

Take a look at this video to learn more about the VIVO philosophy and what a VIVO virtual interactive class has to offer.  https://vimeo.com/734090771

Our Silvernest Partnership

Through our partnership with Silvernest we hope to empower both our older members  and our volunteerst. By participating in the homeshare concept, older adults are able to increase social connectedness, have the opportunity to negotiate some help around the house with the homeseeker, and earn some additional income. Through our volunteers we are able to make intergenerational matches for affordable housing and connection, in an increasingly expensive and isolating housing market.

Use the following links to get all of your questions and concerns answered. 

Help Center: https://help.silvernest.com/
Customer Service: https://www.silvernest.com/about/contact

Here are two recent media outlets covering homesharing.

PBS NewsHour
KCRW piece

If you’re interested in homesharing but aren’t yet comfortable with the process online, let A Little Help team know, and they’ll connect you with a volunteer tech coach to learn more about accessing and navigating the website to find your match! That brings us to our next partnership...

Our Dorot Partnership

Through our partnership with Dorot we are able to offer another level of technology help to our older adult members who are late tech adopters.  Volunteers who are interested in providing a deeper level of technology help to our members are trained and provided technology guides from Dorot. Once a volunteer is trained, we call them our tech coaches, these tech coaches can support you from setting up a new device, to learning the basics of popular apps such as Zoom or WhatsApp, to taking deeper dives into technology you already know. You determine the topics and pacing. “Billie R, a 77 year old member said, “I’m getting to know quite a few new things now that I never knew before. It’s working very well. My tech coach is a wonderful person and very patient with me.”

If you are interested in learning about technology for the first time or to continue growing your skill set call our office or email us at office@alittlehelp.org.  All older adult members interested in receiving tech help will need to apply with A Little Help.  Click here for our membership application. 

Dorot also offers a program called University Without Walls (UWW). UWW provides lifelong learning and opportunities to connect with other older adults who have similar interests. Conducted exclusively by telephone, UWW requires no tech skills or screen. Topics include current events, literature, music & performing arts, wellness, art and more. Each program lasts 50 minutes, and group sizes are limited to 15 people to allow for discussion. Many programs include materials which are mailed to your home in advance. To join or ask questions, contact University Without Walls staff directly at 877-819-9147 or email uww@dorotusa.org.