Individual Volunteering

We invite you to engage where your passions lie. There are a variety of ways to get involved, including direct service, social engagement, and outreach. We love to see families get involved.  Sign up your entire family to volunteer through our application process or bring your little ones with you when appropriate. Students are welcome and encouraged to join us as well.  We know those giving hours are important on the college resumes.  
Our application process is fairly simple. Complete the online application here.  Once the application is complete and you are over 18 years of age we will ask that you complete a criminal background check through a secure Sterling Volunteers, a secure and reputable Colorado-based background check company. 

If you are looking for just a one-time opportunity to volunteer with A Little Help as a family or individual, I encourage you to check out our Service Saturdays in the Fall.  They are a perfect opportunity to get outside for just a day and help out the older adults in your neighborhood.  Click Here to Learn More.

Group Volunteering

At A Little Help, we believe that there’s strength in numbers and in neighbors. With your help, we’re able to help enhance the lives of older adults in our community, allowing them to thrive on their own terms and in their own homes.

What it can me to you and your company or organization to volunteer with A Little Help.
  • Make your work-life more enjoyable (89% of organizations that sponsor volunteer activities experience a better overall working environment. -Deloitte study)
  • Improve your leadership skills (92% of Human Resource Executives agree that contributing to a nonprofit can improve employees' leadership skills. -Deloitte study).
  • Enhance your Community - Improving your community through volunteering improves where you live too.
What Group Projects Are Available for Us to Do?